so...i'm a 15 year old girl, i'm 5'7 and i weigh 110 lbs. I used to weigh 120 about a month ago, but for some reason, i've lost weight. I don't know why i did, no i wasn't trying! it may have to do with me having to change to a gluten free diet (for medical reasons) anyway... my friends and parents think i'm too skinny because you can see my hip and rib bones, and they make fun of me about it all the time. I'm really uncomfortable with myself. am i healthy and should i just learn to except myself where i am, or do i need to gain weight to be healthy?

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    8 years ago
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    you are perfectly healthy, theres nothing wrong with rib & hip bones being visible. I was 110 lbs when i was your age and i went to the gym thinking im fat, and my trainer told me this weight was perfect for my age. And now im 123 lb. and u could still see my rib and hip bones clearly. I dont care. I'm human, we all have those either they're visible or not. Your friends and family are over reacting. Don't let it get to u. Just laugh it off. Don't over analyse stuff, its a waste of time.

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    If you are losing weight without changing your diet or exercising you might want to see your doctor. Although, that does happen to me sometimes, I drop weight when I'm stressed or I have to work long shifts for awhile. So it might not be a big deal, but still.

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    Just make sure the doctor knows everything! If s/he knows all of the background info, it'll be easier for them to diagnose you (if it's diagnosable) and help you get the right treatment plan:)

    I'm sure it's nothing, unless you are subconsciously trying to lose weight.

    You have a lovely body. 5'7 is my dream height:P

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