Blues: Do you listen to The Allman Brothers post Duane?

I really dont besides now with Derek Trucks who i love

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    Yes. "Brothers and Sisters" and "Enlightened Rogues" are two of their best albums. Both are post Duane and Pre-Warren and Pre-Derek. Dickey did a great job and Dan Toler was a great player. Don't believe dogma, and never make assumptions about music.

  • 8 years ago

    Nothing really special after "Eat A Peach", which had a bit of Duane. I do really like hearing "Southbound" and "Nobody Left To Run With", though.

    If you get the chance to catch Gregg's solo concerts, by all means go. Once, he had Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie in the band, and let Jimmy sing WW hits.

  • 8 years ago

    Band do evolve and the new blood brings fresh ideas. I've been checking out a lot of Jimmy Herring's work of late. His recent release "Subject to Change Without Notice" is my album of the year.

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