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can someone with hair pulling disorder adopt?depression?

i have hair Pulling disorder anxiety husband has situational depression could we adopt?


his depressIon is in partial remission and I have stopped anxiety meds and went to counseling haven't pulled since may and no longer need medsdaily for anxiety.we have 1 bio child but haven't had another since then

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    You have to have letters from your health care providers saying you're stable enough to take care of a child.

    Source(s): I've been treated for anxiety & depression & was able to adopt
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    You will probably have to get documented treatment for your disorders and also provide progress reports from your doctors before being considered. Depression and anxiety are two of the few disorders that can outweigh your maternal/paternal instincts. You should both focus on getting yourselves mentally "healthy" before taking on such a huge responsibility.

    Source(s): I suffer from severe depression and anxiety
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    the female in the front of me in my calc type used to do it to the point the position she become bald and had to positioned on a bandana on her head in any respect cases...She began choosing up new anxious habit like putting a rubberband round her wrist and snapping that rather of pulling her hair, and he or she pinched herself too..try looking a secure option to hair pulling to sparkling up your difficulty

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    ARe you serious?! forget it

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