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How can I deal with parents who believe my music is "ruining" me?

Music worries my parents.My mom's pastor came over.She came in my bedroom yanked out my earbuds and asked what i was listening to.I said Megadeth.She gave me all but an exorcism.I got annoyed and told her to f*ck off.She told my mum and my parents are mad. I'm Christian but these people are uneducated zealots.I mean Dave Mustaine, honestly why pick on him?They won't listen to it or read up on it. They judge. How can I get away from this when I want to be a musician myself? They're even trying to take my guitar away.

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    Are you Jack Black? I have religious parents as well and I myself am pretty religious yet I still listen to whatever music I want ranging from Christian Rock to Death Metal and Black Metal. I listen to all subgenres of Metal and Rock. Just try to convince your parents that listening to music won't affect you in anyway. It's just music.

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    Ah, it happenes all the time. My mom broke my Green Day CD, my Metallica CD's, my Suicidal Tendencies CD. And then made me shave my Mohawk off. It will be okay on the end, my mom is Christian too. She doesn't go to church very much though, last Sunday we did. I like Punk music, she thinks it sounds horrible with all the cussing. I told her to read up on it and she never would until I forced it! Punk is about freedom, do what you want when you want, never obey or trust the governments. Then she liked it a little. There is not much good things about Megadeth, but there is not much bad things. Dave is not a bad guy, I think he is just stupid ^_^ anyways, it will pass. Just wait until your 18, start going to church with your parents (if your not going) and then they might think your okay and it's just a faze or something. We have all be through it, it will be over soon :)

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    Ignore them. Rebel. Play loud, obnoxious music. Move out at 18. Never look back.

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    Sounds like a case of Jack Black in Tenacious D with his father. Just keep on ignoring them and maybe sit down with them and talk about it's just music and you can't help but like it. And if they don't like it they don't have to bother you about it.

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