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Does anybody know any specific surreal movie scenes?

Does anybody know any specific scene in a movie that shows surrealism? It would also be very helpful if surrealism could be explained. I didn't really understand the definition.

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    Here are some links where the question has already been asked

    the only example i can think of is A Clockwork Orange however i don't recomend writing about that movie

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    In the movie The 10th Victim, the killer arranges for her victim to be hoisted by a crane in his bungalo/tent to a televised killing site, where first they film a cigarette ad with happy music and dancing girls dressed up as cigarette boxes.

    Most of the scenes from The Monkees: Head are surreal.

    The Bed Sitting Room also has many surreal scenes, such as when people start mutating into furniture, dogs, and bed sitting rooms.

    The opening scene from Repo Man was surreal.

    The scene with Mr. Death from Monty Python's Meaning of Life qualifies.

    The scene where he talks to the TV in How to Get Ahead in Advertising.

    In Dark Star where the crewman argues with the bomb.

    Many scenes from Crank 2, such as when he reveals the head in the aquarium.

    The operation in Brittania Hospital

    Many scenes in Being John Malkovich, such as the human puppet show.

    The movie Bliss is considered surreal.

    Strange Brew is surreal.

    The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie is mostly surreal.

    I would say that surreal means too bizarre to be true.

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    Surreal is multiple things completely out of the ordinary all wrapped up into one work of art.

    Alice in wonderland is pretty surreal.

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    In Eraserhead there is a scene where Henry Spencer hallucinates or dreams there is a woman in his radiator singing "In Heaven, Everything is Fine", she is smiling and has puffy chipmunk cheeks and stands on an empty stage. Henry walks up to her and reaches out to touch her, but when he does a bright light envelops her and a grotesque looking man appears. I believe this scene represents how Henry's life living in an industrial wasteland is so unbearable that he wants to kill himself and "go to heaven" but he's religious and scared that if he commits suicide he'll go to hell and the scary looking man represents the devil or hell.

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    errr i dont know and specific but can watch Lost Highway or any work by Luis Buñuel or Jan Svankmajer

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