Could it be Love or is it really just Sex after All this Time?? Is Lust that strong?

I had a brief (3 month), yet intense affair with a very attractive man roughly 13 years younger than me almost 2-years ago now. I'm in my later 30's now. He's in his mid-20's. It's difficult to look back because things ended very painfully. I fell very much in love with him (much to my surprise)! back then. Our time together was not only intense sexually, but, emotionally as well. I felt a strong connection to him. We were always laughing and having deep conversations when we were together. He was very advanced for his age, intellectually and emotionally, in some ways. We'd spend days at a time together. He didn't want a commitment back then though, He told me and I accepted it (the age difference was a factor for me too) and he moved away for work, - out of State. We tried to keep in touch but we had several very major fights. We broke up again and again via text, and our fights would usually occur before we even saw each other again. He'd get excessively angry during these fights, (never in person, always via text) but he wouldn't talk to me on the phone. It was very hurtful.

I always think it's going to be over forever. I finally really and truly was able to move on several months ago when I Finally met someone else I really liked, but, now that person and I broke up and oddly I heard from him again. He's sending me extremely sexual texts and pictures of himself. He says he wants to see me. He's done this before and I know that we would have seen each other, but, we always had a fight before he came to town.

My ? is why would an attractive man and professional man of this age (25) still be coming back again and again 2-years after this ended? How typical is this for a man? I could never quite move on (obviously), he can't seem to either. I want to see him, but, I'm scared of developing feelings for him again and getting hurt again.

I used to believe that he loved me but that he was too young to recognize it.

What should I do?

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  • ?
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    8 years ago
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    Your in your late 30's and still responding to this guy's bootie calls. Hey, if you don't mind that and you both get some sexual satisfaction out of it there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't go in expecting he's had some major change of heart on his commitment.

  • Gail
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    5 years ago

    It's bad to cheat anytime. Having strong love doesn't always mean there cannot be sex, lust, passion. Relationships require work, dedication, trust, faith, etc.

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