How to help her to get over a breakup?

Over the past three years, my best friend has been in a series of unsuccessful relationships. This year, he had a long distance relationship with someone two cities away from our place. They occasionally meet and date on school holidays (we were in our final year of high school). A few days ago, the guy told her that his parents doesn't approve their relationship. She was heartbroken. Not because of his parents, but because that dumb*ss didn't even defend her. If he really loves her, then at least he'd fight for her, right?

Last night she called me and told me that she had just found out from one of her friends that her ex made up the whole thing to cover up the real truth - he had another girl this whole time.

From her voice, I can feel how crushed she was. I invited her over today, so what should I do to cheer her up and take her mind off that MOFO?

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    8 years ago
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    Follow her lead. If she wants to cry and watch bad movies and eat ice cream, then let her. If she hasn't gotten past that stage in a few months, then it might be time for some tough love, but right now being supportive is more important than trying to force her to be cheerful if she's really not feeling it.

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