Which has a better psychology program, UC-Davis or UW-Madison?

Also, which is overall ranked higher? If I want to be a psychologist, which school would be better?

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  • 8 years ago
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    They are comparable. Although UW Madison tends to be slightly better known nationally than Davis in psychology, they have different strengths.

    At the undergraduate level (4-year university/college -- Bachelor's degree), they are about the same in strength. So, choose whichever school that offers more courses and labs that look interesting to you -- or choose one that's more affordable. You would want to get some work or volunteer experience in psychology labs in order to prepare for grad school.

    For training to become a psychologist (PhD, which is 5-7 years of grad school after your Bachelor's degree), ranking of the school doesn't matter nearly as much as finding professors to work with that study specific topics you are interested in studying. UC Davis and UW Madison both have excellent PhD programs in psychology, but again, they have different strengths -- so choose your graduate school based on your specific research interests.

    Keep in mind that you are expected to go to a different school for PhD than where you did your Bachelor's. So, choose the best school you can afford for now, and study hard there. Good luck!

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