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GINGER BREAD CRAFTS: Frosting recipe?!?

I need a recipe which I can pour into wood molds in order to cast the walls and roofs of my structure.

I need it to be white or a tannish/gray color.

I need it to harden and sustain its own weight.

And I need it to not crack easily, as I may have to razor scrape the edges after taking the frosting out of the molds to make them fit togethor better.

I would really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!

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    Many years ago, when I first started cake decorating (like 50 years ago) we used to make things in sugar molds. We mixed egg white and granulated sugar so the sugar was just damp. We then pressed this tightly into a mold. If it was going to the real thick (like sugar bells) we would let it set until the outer edges were dried and crusty...then we would hollow out the deeper parts, so the finished product would not be so heavy. As soon as it is packed in the mold you dump it out on a wax paper to dry. This is also how we made panoramic Easter eggs.

    These dry very hard.

    Here are instructions for how to do it.

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