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What are some super supportive running shoes?

Since may I've been running. I run about 3 miles a day since I've started....

I've always wondered why I'm nearly dying at the end of my run and I think it's because I have cheap running shoes with no support. My joints are always hurting so bad so it's very painful to run!! :( at first I thought I might be growing because I'm 14 and haven't had a growth spurt in a while but the other day I ran with my friends shoes and that was soo much fun to run ( my joints didnt hurt) and I ran a 10k!! So what are some awesome woman's running shoes that will give me me plenty of support and comfort while running? ( any price and any brand ) thank you!!!!


Oh and I want some that will last me at least a year!

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  • Craig
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    8 years ago
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    Brooks Adrenaline

    Brooks Beast

    Nike LunarGlide

    Asics Gel Evolution

    Saucony Stabil

    New Balance 587

    Try each of them on and go with the one that feels most comfortable

  • Connor
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    8 years ago

    The problem is in your second sentence "I run about 3 miles a day since I've started".

    That should never be said by anyone. A new runner should not exceed 1 mile at a time the first week of running. You should then only increase your distance by small, incrimental amounts from there. Regardless of physical fitness you CANNOT just jump into running high milage. That will lead you face first into injury and that's why you have been having so many problems. You are over training.

    Go get a really good book on beginning running and read up on how to properly run and increase milage safely and to avoid injury. It is important that you know what you are doing when you start running. It's dangerous to wander aimlessly into any sport.

    You need to take time off running until you no longer experience pain in your joints. And yes, this can mean taking a couple months off. It does suck but it could have been avoided if you were training properly (this is coming from someone who did the same thing and gave himself an injury lasting over a year because he was an idiot).

    Ice the joints that hurt once a day (at the end of your day) for 20 minutes at a time. You will likely need at least 3 weeks off running. You can do other exercises that don't cause pain. So I recommend non weight bearing cross training (like biking) until you can get back to running. If the pain takes longer than 4 weeks to go away then you need to speak to your doctor. You may have done some more serious damage to the cartilage in your joints and will need to treat the injury differently.

    Get some compression sleeves for the effected areas and wear those when you do any acitivity or the area is starting to hurt.

    Once the pain is gone it's best to start over as if you were a brand new runner and start off running only one mile at a time the first week and increase weekly milage by 10% per week from there. Tapering every 4th week to allow for proper recovery.

    But take time off and get a really good book and read up on how to run properly. Otherwise injuries like this will get much worse with continued use. You have to understand that any pain is not okay with any sport. Any pain means REST, not new shoes and pressing on and ignoring it. Injuries need to heal. And as you get more experience at running you will get better at understanding what your body is saying to you. Right now ti's screaming "PLEASE STOP!" and you aren't listening. Which we all make that mistake, but you gotta know that it's saying that. When you heal up, you can return to running with a better ability to listen to your body.

    As far as shoes go, you need to go to a running store and get fitted for a pair that is right for you. You shouldn't assume you need stability shoes right now. Adding more stability to a shoe means making the shoe harder, which can lead to injury in people who don't need the support. So you should go get fitted once you let your joints heal up.

    Shoes that are $100+ will last 500 miles. The only way they will last you a year is if you run less than or equal to 500 miles a year.


    Source(s): Pre Med and long distance runner who's enthusiasm for running has lead him face first into injuries (chondromalacia arthritis and a stress fracture)
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