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is this a good story into my friends?

Trying to keep warm in this rain is next to impossible and the nauseating rock of this boat isn’t helping my well being either. Perhaps the only thing it did do was add to eeriness that had already been established from the strange smoke rising off in the distance. It had appeared maybe two or three miles back and ever since then the crew of this ship have been acting uneasy. I don’t blame them though. The winds been picking up and the fog is becoming denser making it difficult to navigate, they were being forced to slow down. The only thing they are able to do is head in the direction of that strange smoke. On the bright side I may not be chasing ghosts like the last expedition. The folklore that I was taught on the mainland seems to be unfolding just in the way they said it would...completely mysterious.

The boat continued to slow down; we were almost at a complete stop now causing me to become overwhelmingly anxious. Concentrating on the flapping sail seems to be the only thing keeping me occupied the raindrops keep colliding with it mid flap creating a loud snapping noise which thankfully is tuning out the crewmembers. The tension was beginning to get worse amongst them making me want to get off as soon as possible.

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    Hey there! This is an awesome beginning for a story!! It is very descriptive, thoughtful, and unique. Just keep writing and don't give up. Good luck with the rest of your story :D

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