Smart people, please help me here!?

I'm a Junior in high school. My grades are...well, simply said, not where I'd like them to be. The problem is, I don't find interest in my subjects. I want to either be a musician or a video game creator, and my high school doesn't offer anything that can help me.

But I really want to be able to pay attention in school. I want to be able to understand all of it, but I have trouble focusing because it all feels somewhat boring to me.

What can I do to make school more "fun" and "interesting"? I really don't want to buy any programs, but I would love and appreciate any advice that you girls and guys may have!!

~God Bless,


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  • 8 years ago
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    high school was not fun or interesting at all to me...i graduated in 2010. however, if you want to further your education after high school in music, or any other category, you have to at least get decent grades in high school so you can attend college.

    join clubs is the only suggestion I have. or join study groups, they actually do help.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jay - music and programming are both rooted in math. Most people working just to get by in school are only concerned with passing the next test. What makes it worse is the way most classes are taught - the subject seems boring. My suggestion to you is make it your goal to know as much or more about the subject than the teacher. Like most things in life - the pay off comes after the effort.

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