Did alchemy derive from the Koranic angels Harut and Marut?

I've read in a recently published book called sciencia that alchemy derived from angels and in the quran it says that the toughed man magic


Also think it's a very weird story about Harut and Marut. It's like showing a kid superpowers, but you he/she can never use them. confusing stuff...

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    8 years ago
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    not alchemy per se, but some form of magic

    Source(s): the only thing stated is they taught the people of Babylon magic- doesn't say the type of magic or go into detail about it because the point was that the magic was a test and they weren't supposed to do it. I don't know why God would send someone down to teach you something you can never use...seems kinda mean.
  • 8 years ago

    No alchemy derived from people thinking - hey golds a metal, what can we do to various things to make gold.

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