Why can't defenders defend against Messi?

It's only ever a matter of time before a player gets figured out.Ibra, Torres, Drogba, Teves ,Rooney.. after a while they are just not all that anymore. But Messi gets better with time. What gives??


@ DELVIN.. Or Messi is a little man and Pepe is a big thug.

Update 2:

@ KD.. I worded it poorly. Drogba peaked late and was (is ) Great . But Messi won the Balon D'or and then got better... Three times. Yikes

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    8 years ago
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    Your premise is false.

    Chelsea defenders have stopped him like 10 times.

    Inter defenders stopped him 3 times.

    Milan have limited him to penalties.

  • Ahem!!!Messi has failed to score against one defender.According to ESPN and Soccernet,Messi did not score the 3 times Pepe was put to mark him.When Ramos was put to do the very same thing Messi scored twice.Now,I'm not giving praise to Pepe,but he knows how to defend against good dribblers.Why?Simply put,he is an excellent man marker.He is hard to shake off or trick.In that case every team should have a Pepe.

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    8 years ago

    to answer your question simple:

    messi can be defended. however the tactic he uses is to faint the defenders the opposite way and then he takes off. its obvious defenders are speechless with his skill but thats the kind of space a defender gives to players like messi because they are dangerous with the ball...Hey you should visit www.prosoccermall.com they have some pretty cool stuff!

  • Bosingwa has stopped him in left-back and centre, and he's a right-back...

    And you say Drogba didn't get better with time? The guy won the side that finished 6th in the league last season the Champions League all on his own, 34 years old! BEAST!!!

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