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Why do people mis-understand nice-ness for weakness in South Florida?

Why do people mis-understand nice-ness for weakness in South Florida?

How do I not get treated like sh*t from other people, especially acquaintances or something?

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    Umm probably cuz everyone here is so rude. maybe it has to do with the fact there's so much violence, gangs, drugs, and ungodliness. MAybe its influence from Latino culture? Idk too much about that so just ignore me if im wrong. I've lived here eight years, and people have always been pretty, well, floridian. like in marley and me, the part where he meets his new neighbors? yeah. Well, i live in Gainesville, but still. I remember living other places when I was little, and it was alot more stereotypical southern hospitality. Anyhow, its kinda like that here too. Ok, so im the oldest of five kids, so i am very "motherly" , protecting, is what they said :P whatever. im a girl, AND. We live in an apt and so there's alot of rude people that I have to deal with all of the time.Here's what works for me.

    1. Be nice when it's the right time (ex. With other nice people, ppl u like, when ur with friends and the people who are mean too, when they aren't being a total jerk,etc)

    2. Assert yourself. Don't be a pushover. If people think they can manipulate you because you're so nice, show em they're wrong. Stand up for yourself, and be confident.

    3. I've found it helps to be sarcastic with some people. Be smart alecky and witty. This especially helps with unwanted lovers lol ;)

    4. Be yourself. Even though they may not like it, dont put on a mask and hide and change yourself.

    Like i said before be confident and stand up for yourself, and you'll be fine. :) good luck!

    Source(s): Personal experience Ps. It's not like that in the country. They treat you way nicer, but even then, you're still an outsider if you aren't from there. Also speaking from experience here too.
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    You have to be a little bit of a dick. Personally, I give people 1 free one, the rest cost. In other words, if someone is trying to be a dick (make me look bad in front of others), I brush it off and move the convo, while giving the jerk a 'try that again and see what happens' look. If it happens again, I zing him good. If he tries to follow up (as most jerks do), I perform a finisher (something that seems innocent at first, then crushes him in humiliation).

    Otherwise you could just become that jerk as a preemptive strike. They key here is just not to be perceived as a pussy - if that means no more Mr. Nice Guy, it's worth it.

    Self Respect is a beautiful thing.

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    I hear u. I know u have to decide what your boundaries are; what ur willing to put up with. Then when ur boundaries r pushed stand up for yourself and MEAN it! They always can tell when u mean it

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    They think they are scar face there you know?

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