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How can I lose weight if I dont have enough time to exercise? Been really busy lately :/?

Ok so all of a sudden my schedule has been CRAZY! I use to do a jillian Michaels DVD and that really helped! But now between school, new babysitting job after school, clubs, etc...I haven't had any time to exercise and I gained all my weight back. So what should I do?

Age: 14 year old girl

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 140-145 (ranges alot)

Goal weight: 120

Food allergy!: Gluten

I seriously have no time to exercise! I go to school, babysit after school, homework then straight to bed. I really need help! I can't gain anymore!! Please!!

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    I am a cyclist and wanted to look perfect for prom last year. I did this diet perfect for one week and I felt amazing! I had sooo much energy when I ate the potato on day 2. I want to post on my blog the before and after pictures but I don't have the time. I didn't gain the weight back all summer (until college started and cycling season ended...) Then I did the first four days of this soup diet again and I lost 8 lbs and felt super thin but not hungry! A tip for the soup is to cut up the mushrooms so they aren't intimidating to look at and add some fresh green beans because they make the soup look delicious! Also I know your 14, but just in case, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. Your metabolism will be in high gear and you will become overly intoxicated and NOT feel good!

    Hospitals make overweight patients do this diet before a surgery where they don't want to have to cut through too much fat.

    I think I lost muscle doing this, but it came right back when I ate normally again, unlike the fat that stayed away!

    Source(s): http://happyherbalist.com/fat_burning_soup.htm experience and enthusiasm. I have never done a body cleanse, and never will because of this soup week!
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    Try consuming six small foods an afternoon. Add lots of salad and culmination for your nutrition. If you are hungry, have a fruit or a few popcorn.... Have your meal even as every day so your frame will get used to the movements. This means you'll avert starvation on the mistaken time! Brisk strolling for 20 mins (to start with, then as much as forty five mins) will exhibit outcome inside a month. A balanced nutrition and any sort of endeavor works like magic!

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