My headlights wont stay on? I give up?

96 Dodge ram 5.9l. Headlights won't stay on. When i pull the switch back, every light comes on but not the headlights. The brights will work if i hold the drimmer switch back. Im ready to give up. I cant afford anything anymore. I cant find a fuse for them unless im not looking at the right one. Someone please help me

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd say your head light switch took a crap. If a new one is expensive I'd go to a junk yard and get one. I believe about all newer vehicles will turn the high beams on when you pull the dimmer switch back even with the light switch off. I have a Ford that the tail and marker lights will no light unless I play with the switch. I'm going to visit a junk yard when I get it ready to go on the road. Good luck.

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