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What are my chances of flying in Air Force after AFROTC?

My goal in life is to first serve my country and then become a commercial pilot.

I will begin AFROTC in January.

I am transferring to a 4 year undergraduate university with an aviation science major.

This major allows me to fly 4 times a week at a local airport.

By the time I graduate I will have received my private license, instrument rating, commercial license, multi engine rating, and CFI.

I am very fortunate to be able to fly in a four year college program.

I will be a cadet in the AFROTC as well.

My dream is to fly fixed wing in the military, does being in this flight program as a major better my chances of flying in the Air Force, or is it all based off solely ROTC?

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    If you excellent grades, are in excellent physical condition and pass your flight physiology testing you have a good chance of flying after graduating from AFROTC.

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