My friend's grandmother is dying, how do I console/support him?

We are quite good friends. We talk for hours and he's very sweet to me. He's a lovely guy and my feelings for him borderline on a crush. He told me this evening that the doctor said his grandma won't live much longer, maybe a few days. He's very torn up about it. He cried before while talking of her. I feel really dumb whenever I try to comfort him. There's nothing that I know to say in this situation :/

He said his other friends aren't helping at all and that I'm helping just by being there for him and trying to understand. What should I do when, for example, he says she has died? He didn't want to talk tonight at all. I'm sure he was exhausted but still. He said his day was too sad to talk about. We around the age of 18 by the way.


It is long distance so it's greatly unfortunate that I can't hug him when that's all he really needs :/ Words can be so insufficient.

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  • 8 years ago
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    you are doing the best form of helping you can in this situation, ie, by just letting him know that you are there and that you understand. Asking him questions, like how are you and how's your grandma ... are likely to make him feel even more worse , as the most abvious answer is 'not at all well'. So dnt ask questions for the sake of showing 'care' as sometimes they can have the opposite effect depending on what kind of question you ask. Just give him time, and he will talk to you .....

    When he says she dies ... do show concern for her, him and his family ... u dnt have to say much, 'simply sorry to hear about it' or 'my prayers are with you' is good. Also just tell him to be strong and ask him to remember that she will always be in his heart :) Maybe relate to any similiar experiences you have undergone maybe where you needed to be strong.

    Stay strong.

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    8 years ago

    Is this a long distance friend?

    If he's not and you can actually sit and talk to him, a hug will work. :)

  • 8 years ago

    Go and stay next to him grab his hand hug him

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