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I got hit in the face 4 times with a volleyball?

Okay so Thursday, I was in gym class and I got hit square in the face 4 times with a volleyball. It hurt obviously, but I thought it wasn't too bad. Then about ten minutes later, I got a very bad nosebleed that lasted for 1 hour and wouldn't stop for anything. Also, my nose started throbbing and my face and nose were turning purple and swelling. So the nurse had to send me home. The nosebleed stopped shortly after I got home, but my face was still swollen. Nothing was sideways or anything, but my mom still wanted to get it checked out by the doctor. So when he looked at it, he pressed on the bone that sticks out a little above the squishy part with my nostrils and the part right between my nostrils, and it hurt badly, but not too badly. Then he said since nothing was sideways, we wouldn't do an x-ray and he sent me home. Now, since it's Sunday, I got a random nosebleed this morning and another one tonight and the two parts of my nose that hurt on Thursday still hurt now. Is there anything wrong with me, and should I go back to the doctor to get an x-ray so I can see if anythings cracked? I'm 13 and a girl if that matters and sorry it's so long:)


By the way, I also got a headache when my nose started bleeding and they are still happening. They are pretty dull now but I can definetly feel them.

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    You might have a concussion I would go to the ER, there they can do a CT scan to see if anything happened to your skull or an Z-ray to see if anything is broken like you nose or cheek bone.

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