Do you know where I can get full grown aloe vera?

I went to home depot but the plants are so small. I want to buy a full grown aloe vera plant so that I can use the gel for my skin (acne) and hair (breakage). Does anyone know where I can buy one? Or does anyone know of a place where its growing wildly?


I live in the Clovis/Fresno, CA area.

Update 2:

Note: I want to buy a FULL GROWN aloe vera plant. They take four years to reach maturity. I want to find one thats mature. At the market, they are still not mature.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Advertising for a full grown one should get you one. A person that has them in their home might sell you one.

    Source(s): My friend gave me a big one. I have seen them in garden centers.
  • 8 years ago

    You can buy some at your local farmers market.

    Like an Asian supermarket. Or like a Mexican store. But a big one that looks like a grocery store. They have all kinds of fruit and vegetables and they also a aloe Vera there.

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