As you spiritually mature, do you ever feel like you can't relate to your friends?

I mean, I like to have Christian friends because then I am not lonely, and I guess they are better than worldly friends, but the more I mature, the more my friends actually seem worldly, even though they are Christians. They talk about shopping, fashion, technology, eating out, they whine and complain, and it's just all the nonsense that I am always trying to humor (so I seem like a decent friend) but I actually really don't feel like talking about it. If it helps, I am in my 30's and am married with kids. Thanks!


Thanks for all the encouraging words. Andrew, I like you. Stay close to God. :)

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    8 years ago
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    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

    - C. S. Lewis

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    8 years ago

    I feel exactly as you do, though I am only 17 and in high school. I used to be a very worldly Christian and fit in with my friends and fooled around like normal teenagers. Until I finally recommitted my life to Christ about two years ago. Now, it seems that all my friends are talking about are very shallow and worldly things and they can go on and on. Even though my best friends are Christians, when I bring up God, they just nod and then get back to doing their own things. I am trying to be an example to them, but sometimes I feel like there isn't much we have in common anymore. I mean, other Christians seem fine talking about those things, I thought I was the only one with strong opinions about, well, everything that seemed worldly...especially in the media. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing though, I think it's a gift of the Holy Spirit. My Sunday School teacher says I have the gift of perception and discernment. Maybe you do too! :)

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    I think that as we mature spiritually, you begin to recognize more and more how worldly some people are. I am at college and it is crazy how much harder it is to find God in the world. It can be very disheartening. And I also have my own Christian friends that I turn to when I need someone to trust, but it can be hard because the majority of my friends here don't believe in God and do act worldly. It can be hard.

    But I also know at the same time, God calls us to go out into to the world and do His work. Sometimes that means being a missionary, and sometimes it means talking to people about Him. You have to remember though that it is not our job to change people, it is our job to love them and show them how Jesus loves us. So maybe it can be challenging to listen to their worldly views, but remember who you serve, and don't give up or let go of those friends unless they are causing you to sin. But make sure you have your Christian friends that you can fellowship with. I hope that helps!

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    When I started my walk with God I tried to hang on to my worldly friends but conversations were always awkward because i didn't talk about the same stuff anymore and completely wanted nothing to do with their habits. Eventually I just stopped coming around and it goes back to the 7th chapter of Matthew when Jesus said narrow is the gate and difficult is the road that leads to life and few find it.

    Walking with God mans giving up everything to follow Him, everything. Jesus also said that He did not come to bring peace to the earth but a sword. Following God is not easy and giving up my friends wasn't easy but my faith in God is so strong and when you have faith that strong that's when you realize that narrow is the road to life and if you are not willing to give up the extra baggage then you are not worthy of heaven.

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    8 years ago

    You are not alone in your complaint. I hear it often from men and women. The more they grow in their faith the more distant they feel from "worldly Christians". Hang in there, the Lord has placed you there to be a light and an example. You have an important ministry of point those folks back to their first love. I am not picking on anyone here, but I find this happening in many churches but mostly in pentecostal and charismatic denominations. They get so caught up in fleshly experiences that they claim are from God, that they get puffed up with pride and forget about the One who led them their. I serve in a motorcycle evangelism ministry and visit churches of many denominations, it is sad to see so many sliding away from their faith. You only have to read Revelation chapters 1-3 to understand what I am seeing. Hang in there, keep the faith, keep looking up, our redemption is drawing near.

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