Why don't people listen to other macklemore songs besides thriftshop? like WINGS, The Town, or OTHERSIDE?

I knew him before he got famous and all people are listening to from him is that thrift shop song. Can't people not "listen & follow" the at least once in their life?

WINGS: A song for shoeheads. His fans helped paid for the musicvideo using kickstarter


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The Town: A song about his city Seattle.


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Otherside: A song about a guy on drugs


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*listen & follow the radio

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have listened to Macklemore's entire discography, and he may be the best rapper since his debut in 2005.

    I guess it's just that people want poppy stuff. Only Thrift Shop is a poppy song by him. It's sad, Macklemore is an amazing artist but people won't listen past Thrift Shop...

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