How can I print off a digital scrapbook and about how much is it?

I do not have any experience with digital scrapbooking, or scrapbooking period, but I'm trying to make a digital scrapbook for a Christmas gift. Any input would help because it's pretty important and I want it to be good. I am just using PowerPoint which has already disappointed me because I can't figure out how to make the text in any other shape than a rectangle but it will have to do I suppose. Some things I'm wondering about is how much it will cost to get high quality pages printed, bound, and all that. Will they do different sizes of pages? I'd need them to be bigger than normal sized paper. And I'd like a nice book for them to go in with a spot for a picture on the front. Do they sell books like that where they are empty inside so you can bind the pages in there yourself? Sorry if this seems confusing but I'm pretty confused about all this jazz myself. Just trying to do my best.

1 Answer

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