Do I Still Have A Shot?

I'll try to make this really short, though its a pretty long story.

So there was this girl that I "met" through one of my friend's girlfriend. I started talking to her a lot and we had a lot in common etc etc. I asked her out a couple months ago and she rejected the offer/told me that she doesn't like dating at all, but that she considered it a lot with me because "I'm pretty awesome". Of course I still wanted to talk to her and stuff, so I said I'd be ok still being friends with her as opposed to "leaving".

After that her friend talked to her about it (Wasn't my idea) and she told her that she wasn't sure if she "liked" me or not because we never met/hung out. Well, to make things short, she did see me once by accident very briefly and got all shy around me and told her friends "This is the guy I was telling you about". (Its now been around 2 months since then).

Recently she decided to go out with some guy that ended up dumping her in 5-6 weeks. Since then shes started talking to me a lot more often than she had been recently. She also seems to say/phrase things in an odd manner. Like shes essentially told me that she likes talking to me because she can be herself and I accept her "weirdness" as she calls it. /dont judge her.

A couple days ago I decided "screw it" and asked her to see a movie with me some upcoming weekend (I didn't mention anything about being a date this time) but she actually agreed to go this time. I'm not really sure what to think/expect/do etc.... Help me out here? Do you think she still doesn't "really" have her mind made up about me since we still never "really" met? I dont know, it seems to me like shes contradicted herself many times / has mixed feelings about me.

This girl also has a few "guy friends" which makes me wonder how she'll treat this. Is it technically still considered a date even though I didn't mention anything about it being one? Did I already doom myself to the "friend zone" ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Take it slow, but watch for little details. If she tries to move her hand next to yours, brush against it, hold her hand. Let her show you what she wants. Also, be sure to get out of the shy faze with her. Talk to her about conversations you normally have, keep the conversation going. I highly doubt you doomed yourself, just let this take its course. I'm not sure its considered a date, let yourself learn while your there.

  • Beau
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    8 years ago

    This is sketchy. I would definitely not consider this a date, and you probably are not the only guy in the picture here, so be careful and treat her very nicely. You are not in yet, and there is a strong possibility this will not work

  • 8 years ago

    plan an exciting date.

    like a hike, or swimming, shooting, sports.

    tell her she is coming and what time you will pick her up.

    be chill and ask her questions to see why she would be the best match for you.

    make her feel comfortable, and show that you actually care.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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