How do I delete everything from my sd card?

its a micro sd card and i tried to format it from the computer and everything was still there and everytime i try to erase everything from my phone it just keep saying checking sd card. i have 16 gb i dont have the format option on my phone


i tried it and everything is still there

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    8 years ago
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    Just finished searching for the same answer.

    What worked for me was to use to delete and recreate the partition on the card, then format. (Be sure to click the "apply changes" button)

    Vista's diskpart may work, it didn't on my disk.

    Also, if you want to recover any data I have been able to recover photos from a corrupted SD card using the free version of Zero Assumption Recovery

    OR if that doesn't work try this

    Step 1: Run -> CommandPrompt ->

    Step 2: Type diskpart ->Enter

    Step 3: Type list disk ->Enter

    Note: (Find out the allocated number of your disk)

    Step 4: Type select disk X ->Enter

    Note: (If X is the number for your drive)

    Step 5: Type clean ->Enter

    Note: (If you want to create partition in desired disk continue next step, otherwise ignore it.)

    Step 6: Type create partition primary ->Enter

    Step 7: Remove the SD Card and place it back in and mount.

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  • 8 years ago

    load in up in a computer (desktop/laptop/whatever)

    if autoplay is enabled , it should pop up with a little windows , click the view files area (it has a folder next to it) then press CTRL and A together , followed by CTRL and D together.

    if no autoplay, Start -> computer -> SD Card (whatever its called) then press Ctrl and A , followed by Ctrl and D.

    answer yes if prompted.

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