Help with jobs in highschool.....?

I'm 14 and looking to het a job in louisiana,and I had looked online and had found this form that allows employers to hire minors 14-17,now if there's a place like mc,donalds or subway or winn dixie would I be able to work there if they say you have to be sixteen to work there.......that's basically what I had thought the permit was for....can someone explain this for me??

Tha ks for amy amswers they will be greatly appreiciated

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    8 years ago
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    I live here in Indiana. I'm 16. I started looking for a job when I was 14 at McDonald's. they told me that they CAN hire a 14 year old, but in most cases they won't because a 14 y/o can only make so many hours. Now I have a job at Wendy's and I'm still barely making any hours at all. :/

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