I Have irregular periods and cant figure out when to take ovulation test?

ok well my husband and I have been ttc no luck so we turned to health havens fertilaid well the reason i am taking them is because i have a very irregular period . i can go months without a period . so this brings me to my question i have been taking these pills and i waited on my period well i got it and the next step its to take ovulation test but my last period was on oct 14th and this one started on dec 8th that is cycle day 56 which is not on my charts it only goes to cycle day 35 or something i tried charts on the internet but they still dont go that high so i need to know when to start takeing my ovulation test?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If your cycles can be shorter than 56 days, thats the cycle you need to go with. Start testing on day 20 of your cycle every day up until you see a positive result to be safe in case your cycle is shorter than 56 days.

  • Jim
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    8 years ago

    Use a paper chart. It can go on as long as needed.

    Make sure you chart your cervical mucus and BBT on the chart, and you will know when you are ovulating. Read below.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    howdy properly basickly u could see ur docter because of the fact there would desire to be many subject concerns as in why u have unusual sessions yet many human beings are diverse so obviuslly some human beings cycle is diferent style others yet bypass to ur docter and that they are going to provide u an acurate answer stable success yeh

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you have an ipod or iphone.. or tablet or whatever you can get apps on.. look for an app called My days. it shows your highest fertility days. and predicts your next period.

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