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Ionization Energy, Radiation, and Wavelength?

The first ionization energy of germanium is 762 kj/mol. Upon irradiation with electromagnetic radiation of a particular wavelength, the outermost electron of Ge is ejected with a velocity measured at 2.5*10^6 m/s. What is the wavelength of the radiation used to kick out this outermost electron?

If you could just lay out the steps, it would be a great help. Thanks

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    sup crowell bro. i'm stuck on this problem too. how's life at ucsd?

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    i'm assuming the question is looking while it "jumps" from point 2 to point a million. wherein case: a million/? = Rh(a million/nf^2 - a million/nfi^2) = a million.10x10^7 (a million/a million^2 - a million/2^2) = a million.10x10^7 ( a million - 0.25) = a million.10 x10^7 (0.seventy 5) ? = a million.21 x 10^-7 m The wavelength produced would be a pair of million.21 x 10^ -7 m, or 121 nm. This falls interior the Lyman sequence of spectral strains and could for this reason produce UV EMR.

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