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i know he's trouble please help! yet i still have feelings for him...?

ok so there's this guy who likes me... a lot but my friends all say he just goes out with girls to get to another and he kinda did that to one of my friends... in some peoples eyes. even i know he might do that to me. But i still have feelings for him. i want to trust my friends but i don't no what to do. one of my guy friends said he was asking me out this week... what do i do?

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    my dear... :) ... how old are you? looks like you are in you teens.

    A real man will never cheat his woman. If a man loves he loves her endlessly. He will have atmost respect to his lady love. This guy looks like a very flirty guy. There are different kinds of people in the world.. We get attracted to some wrong people...Its fine... its a phase...forget him...

    You know what to do - leave that guy... your feelings are persious ... dont waste on worthless people...

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