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Dark souls Dex/Faith build?

I just made a Dex/Faith Hybrid build and i'm currently enjoying it. I just need some critique to see if its good or if it needs some refining. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's the link to the build:


Im actually more of a riposte type of guy. Great combustion is good for gaining distance and WoTg is just as a defensive measure to gangbangs. Rapier is for ripostes mostly and keeping distance and on some occasions, backstabs. The shotel is for turtles who hide behind their shield. Hope this helps better understand my build.


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    Don't really know why you need DEX aside from weapon requirements, I haven't played it in a while but I'm iffy about whether it makes your pyro slightly faster or not, but this wouldn't matter since you'll be attuning miracles instead.

    It's not a bad build, I assume you use the estoc for back stabs and use darkmoon/sunlight blade and 2 hand it?

    Would've probably been better with less DEX and more END imo though.

    Never really been a fan of backstab builds though, hated the darksouls MP for that.

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