Is the iPad 4th Gen Worth It?

Ok, so for Christmas I'm considering asking for an iPad. I currently have the iPhone 5 and was wondering if the iPad would be worth it. I'm looking to get the 16GB black wifi model as I can tether my iPhone connection. Can you give me the benefits/reasons for getting an iPad and also if you have this iPad, what do you think? Thanks for your help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is very pricy but i would definately consider it! I am asking for the iPad 4 as well but the 32GB wifi black version, but I am putting about $350 dollrs towards it (we are kind of on a budget.) My uncle has one and he always tells me how much he loves it; he some times lets me use it. The iPad is great for:

    1.) Movie watching: the big screen and portability makes movie/tv watching very enjoyable!

    2.) Surfing the web: The iPad has actual TABS like a browser on a computer does, not dumb pages. iPads are great for facebook/twitter.

    3.) Gaming: with the retina display it provides crystal clear resolution and an overall great gameplay experience

    4.) Taking videos/pictures: while this may not apply to you, the iPad takes 5mp photos and 1080p videos; great for if you have a YT channel and want to make a quick without setting up a camera

    5.) TO SAY U HAVE ONE :D

    I say go for it man... Best of luck with your choice, Merry Christmas and God bless :D

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