I am trying to make a snowglobe and?

I need to get one round glass bubble. I don't want to get the kind over on eBay because those run upwards of $30! Maybe could I acquire a snowglobe at a thrift store or something, disassemble it, and put what I want in there? Those are about $2 or $3.

Also, how do you avoid having the air bubble at the top?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Dollar Tree has a mostly round hummingbird feeder you could use that. Also a fish bowl and the candle plate glued together with tub and tile caulk makes a big globe! you can use the caulk for aquariums sold at pet stores as an aquarium sealer.

    Taking one apart is nearly impossible without a strong glue solvent. They made them to not open and leak.

    To avoid the air bubble, fill the globe fully and hope for the best.

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