How Much Taller Do You Think I Can Get?!?

I'm 15 and a half now and stand at 5'9". I'm 16 in 6 months. How much taller do you think I will get? Btw, I'm a boy :D

Dad: 6' or 6'1"

Mom: 5'5"

Grandpa on Dads side: 6'1"

Grandma on Dads side: 5'7"

Brothers on Dads side: 5'10"-6'2"

Sisters on Dads side: 5'7"5'8"

Grandpa on Moms side: 5'8" or 5'9"

Grandma on Moms side: 5'5"

Brothers on Moms side: 5'9"-6'1"

Sisters on Moms side: 5'2"-5'5"

I have Insomnia( I think haha) because it takes me a bit of a time to go to sleep; on a bad day probably 3 hours on a good day is 30 minutes.

I used to eat really unhealthy in middle school and grew like 2 and a half or 3 inches in middle school(being the tallest of my friends to becoming the shortest). In the start of highschool I was still one of the shortest although I joined crosscountry. At the end of freshman year I stood at 5'7.5" and now I'm a sophomore and I stand at 5'9" taller than most of my friends. I have started to get a bit of chest hair and I somehow had armpit hair when I was 7 years old(my mom said my dad started it early too). I started getting pubic hair when I was in 7th grade though(Note: I'm Iranian so it could be because I'm middle eastern haha.) My dad was one of the shortest in the beginning of high school and by the time he was finished he was one of the tallest. I eat right and exercise since I'm about 135 pounds and 5'9". I was 5'8" about 5 months ago so I grew one inch pretty quickly. I have hair going down from my belly button to my pubic hair(Note: Most men in my family are hairy and I'm middle eastern so...). I'm hoping to get above 6' by the time I'm out of highschool. I'm a bit worried because a lot of people are telling me that boys stop growing around now and I know I'm not short but I want to be taller :( My shoe size is a 12 and I have a broad chest(My dad and his dad have big chests and my dad worked out a lot once he was older.) I hear that most middle eastern men don't grow a ton but I know thats complete bs and its mainly genetics that plays a role. I personally believe I can get to 6' but I want to know what others believe.

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    You will probably peak at 6'0 at 18.

    To reach your potential height you need adequate sleep (from 8-10 hours per night), adequate calories and a normal healthy diet.

    Plenty of protein from eggs, meat, poultry, sea food and dairy products helps as well as calcium from milk, cheese and other dairy products. You also need plenty of zinc from red meat, oysters, mussels, nuts and seeds and zinc fortified cereals such as Weetbix. Vitamin D3 via the Sun also helps.

    Girls usually stop growing at 15 and in most cases any further height growth from 15-21 is insignificant but there are exceptions such as late bloomers.

    Guys usually stop growing at 18 and in most cases any further height growth from 18-25 is insignificant but there are exceptions such as late bloomers.

    Under eating and under sleeping can, to some extent, stunt your height growth. Exercise does not help your height growth and smoking can actually reduce your potential height by a whole inch. Too much junk sugar can reduce your HGH level as in item 40 in

    You can see further tips in a web search for "how to grow taller naturally".

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    I'm afraid at most you will only grow 2 inches, so you're basically done growing.

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    you gave alot of information for someone to answer like this

    u mad?

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