My mum seems depressed all the time. I don't know what do?

When I look back on all the videos from my childhood she's laughing and smiling all the time. But now she's always frowning and sighing and complains a lot about work and how much she doesn't like her job but she has to do it so we can go to a nice private school. It makes me fearful of growing up and getting old. I feel like we will all be happier if we could go back to being like it used to. I know that's not possible though, I think I'm a stress for her too though because I don't appreciate my school experience as much as I should. It's hard to be positive and my little sister says she dreads going home sometimes. I don't think I've heard genuinely laugh and be happy for a while, I can't remember what it looks like. My sister and I confronted her about it and she says maybe were just noticing for the first time that mum and dad aren't perfect, maybe thats it. Maybe my memories are lying. She says she wasn't perpetually happy back then Ethier. But on her bad days it kinda bums us all out. Think the whole female family has a sort of old-phobia. Please help. I'm worried about her, it makes me scared. I'm 15

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  • 8 years ago
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    it seems that your mother has gone into a routine of life not able to cherish each moment. maybe she was not doing that earlier so she was happy. I guess occasionaly going out somewhere together leaving all the work and studies would be a good idea. some place where you can get refreshed and spend time for yourself. it is not important to earn more or have the best things but it is important to be happy together.

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    8 years ago

    The best I could say; would be for you and your sister to do something nice for your parents. Do the chores, clean the house up and let them have a night of just to themselves.

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