please solve problem?

An office manager prints out d resumes that are each 2 pages long. He then prints out the same number of resumes that are each 3 pages long. Finally, he prints 1 resume that is only 1 page long. Which of the following expressions would NOT tell him how many total pages he printed?


2d + 3d + 1


d(2 + 3 + 1)


d(2 + 3) + 1


(2 × d) + (3 × d) + 1


1 + 5d

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    first off ill just tell you that the answer is (B) if you want to know why keep reading...

    just look at (A) it says that a random amount of 2 page resumes is printed, then it says that the same random amount of 3 page resumes is added to that amount, and lastly he only has 1 one page resume that he then adds to those resumes. you are then left with the total amount of resumes printed out. and if you were to look at (B) you would notice that if you distribute the d into the equation it would not be the same as (A).

    (C)(D) and (E) are just different ways of writing it out. But still portray the same equation.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The answer is B. He only printed one resume that was one page long, not d resumes.

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