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Police officers: Do you really have ticket quotas?

I've heard many times that police officers have to reach their quota regarding pulling people over, giving them tickets, etc. Is that true? What would happen if you go an entire week without pulling anyone over or giving any tickets? Would your department start to get suspicious?

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    Some have Quotas and some do not. It really depends on how the head guy in each outfit wants to run things. Quotas are illegal and they will never admit to do them. They often hide the word by rephrasing it as performance.

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    Quotas are illegal an unconstitutional.

    Some departments have performance standards, which are legal. The difference is a quota is a set number whereas a performance standards compares you to the other officers on your shift to see if you have as much activity.

    The public would never tolerate quotas, and even police unions will fight them.

    All you have to do is watch next time you are out for a ride. Watch how many people roll through stop signs, run red lights late, and speed past you. You will realize quotas are not necessary.

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    No, police officers do not have quotas. Quotas have been illegal for many years. Perhaps I have a slanted view because I was a sheriff's deputy. DPS officers work traffic on state roads, and a lot of city police work is traffic. I was a crime cop, not a traffic cop. I wrote a few tickets and gave out more warnings, but my main thrust was against criminal activity. Not long before I left the department, they instituted a traffic unit of two deputies, supervised by a corporal. They would go anywhere in the county that was having traffic problems like speed, especially in a school zone, accidents, etc.

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    It is a tough situation for police services. The department I worked for (in Ontario, Canada) did not have quotas, but police officers are expected to work, like every profession. It is easy to avoid confrontation and work by just driving around waiting for a call for service, but a police officer should always be looking for a legal excuse to pull a car over. It is that way that impaired drivers, drivers under suspension, etc. get caught. Even big crimes are solved by police stops.

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    It's not so much as a per day quota, but more like a job performance issue.

    Tickets are usually for speeding or improper equipment issues, or safety issues. They are cash revenue for the town/county or state, nothing more. But, if you want to get moved up the ladder, you write more, and get them to stick, so that you appear to be a better officer.

    Now, it is probable that some departments do put a daily or weekly quota on tickets, as incentive for their officers. I wouldn't put anything past them today. Money means more than human life. :(

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    they have quotas that's why you see alot of police out about the last week of the month. they have to get their numbers up before the end of the month.if you went a whole week without writing someone up,your supervisor will want to know why.if their not writing tickets, they aren't doing their job.

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    I'm not a police officer myself, but one of my relatives is. He told me definitively that his department DOES have quotas. It depends on what city/state they're a police officer in.

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