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Christmas Tradition? American Tradition.....Plz helppppppp?

I am from Ethiopia and my family has a different Christmas tradition from here, Our Christmas is not even in the same date, so we always have two Christmas. for this countries (USA) Christmas we try to keep on the tradition and give presents and have Christmas eve dinner and for our Christmas we do our own tradition. However this year I am inviting My boyfriend and his family, who are Americans to spend Christmas week with us, and i would love to do this right by following the tradition. this is the first time his family and my family are spending time together so i want to do this right and make everyone happy. so i need help in:

1) how do American celebrate Christmas, like the whole tradition

2) What do Americans eat for Christmas eve or Christmas day dinner...I am going to be cooking for all of this and my family doesn't eat pork at all.


We already do the Christmas tree, and present for our Christmas too, But do you guys have Christmas eve dinner and Christmas dinner or do you just choose one of them? in the past my family only had Christmas eve dinner since we have to do our Christmas dinner after a few days later.

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    Usually, North Americans (not just people from the US but from Canada as well) celebrate Christmas by putting up a Christmas tree, giving gifts to each other, having a massive dinner Christmas Eve, and generally spending time with the family. Some people add their own things to it like singing carols or going to a Christmas Eve service but to each their own.

    For the Dinner, families usually have either a roast goose, ham, or turkey, with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, usually a sweet potato pie, and sometimes brussel sprouts. This varies of course depending on a person's upbringing and what country they are from. A lot of people from Scandinavian countries will eat fish instead of turkey. For dessert, usually there is a plum pudding, pumpkin pie, mince tarts, and lots of gingerbread cookies.

    You can do the dinner whenever you choose. It is however more traditional to do it Christmas Eve.

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    there is a vast range of food to cook.

    the reason of CHRISTmas is for the celebration of the birth of CHRIST or jesus.

    to celebrate is you buy/get or cut down a christmas tree, and decorate how you want, most people put it in their living room. and most put christmas lights on it. then over night St. Nick, aka santa clause comes and delivers presents for everyone, like the tooth fairy.

    people eat anything like:








    -mashed potatoes

    -and much more, be creative, it varies and doesn't matter to much

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