Where are the best places to live in College Station Texas?

I'm going to be moving to College Station next year as a freshman attending A&M University and I want to be living in the best place possible. Where are the best places to live? What are the most prestigious housing or apartments to live in? Money isn't a problem, I want people to think "Wow!" when I tell them where I'm living.

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    8 years ago
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    LOL best place to live is where u can afford it.

    Prestige in a college town? sorry u got much to learn.

    google for rent in CS for places to live.

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    employ might want to determination from $400 up. Utilities (telephone, cable, electric powered) will run yet another $2 hundred (or extra) a month. some residences contain the fee of water with the employ. also want time-honored residing expenditures, so i might want to assert you may want to proceed to exist on $one thousand or extra a month. The link has a dozen or so different links to residences alongside with time-honored tips about residing in college Station. reliable success.

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