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Having some problems with my erections?

So I'm 17, and when I was 15 I took Accutane for almost a year. Since then, my acne is mostly cleared up, but I have a lower sex drive, and I don't get erections easily. A few months ago, I started sleeping with my girlfriend, and sometimes I just don't get hard. When there's any kind of time limit, if I'm in an uncomfortable position (like in a car), or if there's people nearby, I don't get an erection. It's not even performance anxiety, my girlfriend is completely understanding, and I am able to satisfy her completely by going down on her, so I don't get at all worried about my performance. It's just that for me to get stimulated enough to get an erection, I need to be in a dark room with no distractions, a comfortable bed, be in a good mood, and have plenty of time so I'm not in a rush.

How can I get erections more easily? I eat well, get a lot of exercise, am in good shape, haven't so much as smoked a joint for months, and am in general very laid back and not stressed out. I can't think of anything that could be causing this other than Accutane. I've heard similar complaints to mine from Accutane usage, and I'm grateful, because it appears that my problems aren't all that bad, considering there are guys who can't get erections period. It would be great if I could overcome this however, as it would be nice to not have to have sex only under certain conditions.

Thanks guys.

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    Hmm that is crazy because your only 17. At your age usually just looking at a girl will do it. (Im 27 now..) Boys had no problems. I would suggest going to the Dr, you should be able to schedule an appt for yourself right? If those are the only times it could be anxiety? If your overly nervous or anxious...then if your expecting it to happen it would build on the anxiety. If you cant get to a dr on your own (if a parent has to be present or something) tell your mom you want to see a dr about anxiety.

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