Interesting Turning Point?

I need a global Turning Point.

Something in culture, the arts, history, any turning point.

Ex; The Invention of Jeans, The Start of Israel, Michael Jackson, etc.

I really want a topic I, myself can embrace. A diverse, deep, and interesting topic. (:

It doesn't have to be a turning point in history, but anything.

Thank you<3


I am interested in Political Movements, Inventions and Wars.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Now how in tarnation am I going to suggest anything to you, when you haven't said what kinds of topics you'd be interested in? What do you want to research? Wars? Inventions? Revolutions? Political movements? Economic downturns and upturns? Devastating natural disasters? The evolution of our species? Think about those kinds of topics, and then research them until you find something interesting.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The biggest turning point in the history in all of mankinds existence was to learn to walk upright. Because when that happened it became possible for us to use tools, hunt bigger prey, get more food resources, travel longer distances and there brain increased in size because of the new foods without learning that we wouldnt exist.

    Source(s): FACT
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