were do i find the train number on a Amtrak train?

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  • Kevy
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    8 years ago
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    an Amtrak train

    each train run has a schedule train number on amtrak.com. When the train arrives in the station, that number is put on the schedule board (if applicable) and boarding announcements.passengers are more concerned with the train number from the schedule, which is NOT displayed on the train itself. they are used only for ticketing and revenue, and employee schedules, not to be displayed on the train to inform you of where you are.

    each equipment piece also has a (separate) number which is located above the door frame from the inside, or near the left of the doorway on the outside. the equipment number is for crews, it does not really pertain to the passengers. the equipment number is just used to identify work being done on a train, or which trains to pull into and out of service.

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