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Can/should I use tampons?

I've had my period twice now and it has been light and only lasted about two days. Is it okay to use a light tampon? I'm nervous and don't want to use one but I hate pads so much and I always feel like people know I'm wearing one although I know they don't. Also, when will discharge stop? It usually gets worse during my period but it won't go away even after.

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    no. they're painful and difficult to put in.

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    You can definitely use a light tampon. That's what they're created for, the light days. I hate pads as well and when I was in high school I used to dance and it felt like I was wearing a diaper. I decided to switch to tampons even though I was nervous like you. At first it felt weird but you get used to it and then you don't feel it at all. Remember to change the tampon every 4 to 8 hours, anything longer is dangerous. Some women have a lot of discharge, some don't. When I first got my period I had a lot, now that I'm older I noticed I only get it before my period, which is my body's way of informing me. Hopefully because you've just started your period, the discharge will improve as you get older. If the discharge is bothering you, even after your period you can use a pantyliner. It's like a pad but super thin, unnoticeable, and designed for everyday use.

    Changing to tampons was such a relief for me. I felt like I could breathe and move freely! Although tampons are beautiful for the day time, it's recommended to sleep with a pad on instead of a tampon if you sleep more than eight hours. Leaving a tampon in for more than eight hours increases the chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome (read the entire pamphlet within the tampon box, you'll learn all that you need to know).

    I say try it out. If you don't like it you can always go back to the pads. Good luck!

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    Discharge will never stop- its your vaginas way of cleaning itself as it is a self cleaning organ.

    You can give a tampon ago- just remember that it takes a few times to figure out the angle to put one in. Don't panic if you don't get it right the first time- try a different stance. I found standing up with one foot on the toilet seat helped me to figure out the angle. Also try and be relaxed as possible cause if you tense up it will only make things worse. Also I find that moistening the tip of the tampon with either spit or lube if you have any helps it to glide in easier and then you don't get that scratchy feeling. Make sure you use the plastic applicator tampons as they are so much easier to learn with and are a lot easier to get it.

    Just remember to change the tampon every 6-8 hours or more frequently if you wipe and see blood as this is a sign that your tampon is usually full.

    To all the girls that say they hate tampons as they are hard to put in, make sure you try them again after you have lost your virginity if you haven't already as they are so much easier to get in after that and makes having a period so much cleaner.

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    Me personally i HATE tampons always have and i always will. HATE HATE HATE. They hurt me and are soooo uncomfortable. But what doesn't work for some, works for others. And if you have long fingers that's a bonus. For a very light period i wouldn't bother with a tampon and i would just wear a panty liner. If you want to give it ago buy the smallest ones you can find, get into a very comfortable position, lying down on bed or some says foot on toilet is better. Now one thing i can never do is relax when putting on in and it feels like im scraping my vagina wall to bits, *cringe* So please remember to relax, and slide it in slow and steady. Now if you can push quite far up then do so, i have small fingers so mine just slide back out, night mare. So get them up as far as you feel comfortable. Once up i always try the bend over and sit down test. Sit down on the toilet seat if you can still feel it and its uncomfortable its not up far enough, same with the bend over test. Its all about practise practise practise

    I give up after 3 times LOL.

    Good luck. x

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    Thts normal

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    me=pro-tampon! theyre much cleaner, and much, much more comfortable. you truly wont even notice it's in except the first couple of times you put one in

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