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Do you think all-star cheerleading is a sport?

I'm an all-star cheerleader, I cheer for Cheer Force One in Alabama. Alot of people are saying cheerleading isn't a sport and i think it is. Cheerleaders or just people in general, DO YOU THINK CHEERLEADING IS/ISN'T A SPORT? if yes/no, explain!

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    Source(s): It requires physical work
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    If all megastar cheer best is a recreation, then race automobile drivers are athletes! enable's not ignore professional bowlers too. Yeah, I kinda like your warped little international, I look to in advantageous condition proper in. The time period "recreation" might want to count number in a roadkill competition. there is not some thing extra diabolical then promoting and marketing. what's in a recreation is what's in a recognition. Throwing rocks is a recreation, so is throwing a midget or log too i guess. all of them require actual patience. So does respiratory by an intubation tube with a compressed wind pipe. . . i might want to like to work out that interior the Olympics. Now who do I refer to for my medal?

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    No. In a sport you score points in some kind of goal or in some other way. It should fall under the dancing category b/c that's how they rate it w/ judges. Same goes for that water dancing thing in the olympics lol wtff..

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    8 years ago

    If golf is then cheerleading is, but neither is my interest.

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  • 8 years ago

    No, its a hobby.

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