Should I ask this girl out?

Okay, so there's this girl, let's call her Katie. I just got Katie's number on Friday. We've really gotten to know eachother, considering we've pretty much talked all weekend. On Friday, we hung out, hugged a lot, and even made date plans. She says I'm "interesting" and she and I can actually have conversations without not knowing what to talk about. Also, she laughs at what I have to say a lot. I've also convinced her to go airsofting with me. So, my question is; should I ask her out on Monday? My only worry is, my driving test is Monday. And I don't wanna be "emotionally compromised" if she says no. What should I do? Does she like me back? How should I ask her out?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I think you should text her on Tuesday and ask her out, but make the plans for Friday, then maybe during the week you can casually text her to see whats up and maybe be like can't wait for Friday..

    Just don't text her a lot like everyday, you may seem obsessed

    mind answering mine?;_ylt=Ajtea...

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