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How should I react to this girl next time I see her?

Well she told me she didn't have a boyfriend. She would come up and speak to me, text me and ask me to meet her, sit next to me in class, she showed complete interest in me, she even said yes when I asked her out on a date.

Then the night before the date she texts me saying 'I know I told you I didn't have a boyfriend but I'm actually seeing someone I just want to make that clear. But I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.'

Then I decided to give her a second chance because I thought she was a nice girl. She asked me 'Are we still on?' and I said 'Yeah we're still on'. But then she texted me an hour before saying 'I'm sorry but I have to cancel. I'm completely broke'.

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    8 years ago

    Two options. First be very nice to her hang out with her every day become best friends and see what happens.second is **** her and dump her it might sound mean but shes messing with your heart that's not cool its not hard to do and it makes you feel beter... Think about it

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    8 years ago

    well if i was you i would pay for her duh.. and say lets go get ice cream and take a walk and get to know each other more and go from there

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