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How Did Phil Jackson effect Basketball History?

Serious question. No negative responses please

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    yes he'll always be known as the best coach in basketball history

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    He didn't really have an huge effect. He is one of the greatest coaches ever, but he didn't really have a huge impact on the game. He used the triangle offense, but he didn't invent the offense, and not many other teams ever copied him.

    You look at guys like Popavich from San Antonio, and you see his impact by how many of his assistants and former players are successful coaches. Doc Rivers, Avery Johnson, Monty Williams, Mike Brown, Terry Porter, and many other coaches have either played for Pop or coached under Pop. That shows that Popavich's style has impacted most of the league. Very few former Phil Jackson players or coaches every have success outside of Phil.

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    Phil jackson won 11 championships as a coach and I think one with the knicks in the 70's

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    He not only the Greatest Coach in Basketball history, but arguably the Greatest Coach in Sports history period. As far as him "changing", or "effecting" the game in any form, he didn't really do that.He was just very intelligent and very lucky to have some all time greats to coach.

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    Other than making a name for himself he didn't do much. Tex Winter developed the triangle offense. His stars kept his record percentage atop everybody else. The 11 championship is attests to the great teams he had.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes he is the greatest coach of all-time. He won 11 titles. Even though he had talent, he won 11 titles! That's a lot

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    He proved tht you only need talent to win 10+ champions

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