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What materials can you use to make a solar panel brighter?

For a class project we need to take apart a solar light and add materials or things to it that would make it shine brighter. e.g. tin foil

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    I have no idea what you're asking exactly, but if I assume that you're asking how to make the light shine brighter, the only way is 1. Up the voltage and amperage, 2. If the light is not at full capacity already, create reflective survaces around it that would focus light onto the panel much like how convex mirrors focus a light towards its middle, 3. Wire more bus lines in series for higher voltages which is basically option 1. Or buy more panels and hook it up in series

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    Homemade Solar Panel DIY -

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    Source(s): Create Home Solar Power :
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    Bottom line:

    Keep it clean.

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