I need Help NOW!11111111!!!11?

SO my mom goes to work and leaves me tyo starve at hoe for a whole week

i eat NO dinner, No Breakfest. the only thing i eat is at school and since my mom doesnt pay i eat a sandwich with cheese and a milk. Im pretty tall but i weigh like 70 punds and im 15

So this other day after weeks of starving and no meat My mom boght home pizza (Just for referance my cuz in and ucle live with use for 3 years) Anyways she biught home pizza and wings and after weeks of eating bead,cheese and water well it looked REAL good.But my mom made me finish my homework 1st and when i wuz done they were done except for leftovers. (end of friday night)

SO its saturday i ask if i can eat pizza.She says wait till sunday.

(Sunday night

I ask for pizza or wings leftovers.

SHe says sure but get my cuzin and uncle to the kitchen to eat

WELL i did my uncle was full so me and my cuzin went downstairs he Greedily took 5 pizzas and put it in his plate.

2 pizzas left I barely finished a wing (II wasnt used to eating such good food execpt for bread cheese )

now theres 1 pizza left i went in to grabed one but my cousin did too

I got it 1st but then my cousin started complaining and my mom took the pizza and gave my cousin 80% of it and gave me the rest

I was pissed i threw the pizza at my cuz and my mom reached in and slapped me hard. I was gonna beat up my cousin but my mom threatened me with a knife.i went upstairs and countinued to starve i don want to go to school tommorow cuz of the slap mark HELP i feel like leaving or commiting suicide


I AINT EXAGGERATING FOR U PPL OUT THERE i fit t commit suicide but SRSLY why do i have internet u srsly think i have internet i ran to my nerarest friend u dumbass LOL gonna spend my night here i guess annyways she locked me otu and no i took a shower 4 days ago my firensd let me i go to garage sales for clothes i have a public fountain and when im dieng for bread or cheese i get pennies

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ever try planting some seeds? They're like .50 cents a pack. You could plant them in a bucket. Soil could be dug out of a yard. This is an idea that will save you money, if that is the problem. Do you have food in the fridge when she is gone? Is it empty? You're a 16 year old boy, you need way more calories!

    Maybe google how to hunt animals? If you live out in the country...

    If that's not an option, have you considered working in order to care for yourself? The sooner you do, the sooner you can leave your negligent mother. She doesn't deserve to be a parent by the looks of it.

    Don't kill yourself. Your mother is driving you that point, don't let her win.

    I don't think you're exaggerating. There are families out there that do this. This scenario is too detailed to be made up. I dunno, the garden may give you something to do, build your strength, give you food, and help you see how important life is. Sounds like a lame idea, but it's a natural way for humans to survive.

    Your mother sounds awful. Just know that nobody deserves this and there are many ways to escape poverty. It starts with taking care of yourself first and no one else, and finding ways to cope with your surroundings in the strongest, smartest way possible.

    There is no shortage of food in the world! Your mom is making it seem that way, but if you learn to make your own way, you don't have to depend on someone who has issues of her own. There are also food banks and soup kitchens you can go to feed yourself...

    Just try to think of a skill you have. If you can do it for money, use that money to become your own man. I know you can do it :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Okay hunnish, first of all that's really child neglect. She's a dead beat mom for putting your uncle before you. I would go to school tomorrow and tell your teacher or a counselor if you really believe that it's that bad you can't live with her anymore. Your severely underweight and if you don't want to tell anyone ask a principal if your school has a backpack program where they send food home to students who do not get the adiquate amount of meals at home. You can also go the link I left in the source if you need money to earn online you will be mailed a check every month and you can buy your own food. But I suggest telling a teacher or some adult what's going on and they will file a child neglect claim.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't know why your mom isn't feeding you to a point where your 70 lbs.

    but she can afford to order pizza & wings 2x a week.

    You should talk to your mom about that. So you're not getting angry about how theres no food. Are you guys poor? Maybe she jus can't cook. Get some food stamps. Or if you guys could afford it ask your mom for money to go grocery shopping.

    Anyway, you're 15. You're old enough to get find food yourself. Like a neighbor/friend. Places that give out food. Welfare programs. part time work. School.

    Learn to cook. I use allrecipes.com and pick based on amt of ingredients and ratings. And you're adult enough to have a mature conversation with your mom about food

    When times are tough it means you gotta grow a little faster. Figure out how to get more food on your own. There's no problem you can't solve where you have to think about suicide.

  • 8 years ago

    If this is serious you need to pack your stuff and leave or call the police. I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm bringing the money I have packing some clothes and what not getting on a bus and going to Illinois to live with my dad. I live in Missouri so it's not to far. But you should do the same. I can because I'm 17 and there's no law against it. If you're not 17 I wouldn't do that. Just talk to the guidance at your school and see what they say. I'm sorry but there's not a lot us kids can do

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    8 years ago

    get a job when u can and move the f out I saw u comment on the other question that u get beat often. Make sure u get a job get out and make sure U dont become violent when you're older. See if you can leave maybe to a friends or something because for some reason your familys being unfair to you and like it seems they dont know how to manage money to well either, there should always be food to eat. You got some shitty parents goin on there ! U gotta make that money when ur older and get out and be better;

  • SweetP
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    8 years ago

    Dear Kevin as you are 15 there are places you can go to get food stop by your neighborhood church or look food pantries in your area & go there & get food for the house you will have to fill out a little paperwork but it will be worth it also go on line & check out food share program & see if you can qualify or do the paperwork & have your mom sign it you will get a food share card that you take to the grocery store & buy whatever you want to eat they give around $200. for one person per month & more if you can get your Mom to do it right, if not do it for yourself , church is easier & you do not have to tell your Mom but you'll have to check out food share application on line you will not be hungry any more plus there are food programs in school talk to your student counselor he'll help you get in the program! it's important that you eat you are a growing young man but get busy & be Happy & full very soon. God Bless & Happy Holidays!

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  • 8 years ago

    What's up with kids and exaggerating? If you have access to the Internet (some parents say that's a privledge or spoiling their kids) I'm sure you have access to food. Go to your school or a church and ask them for food or make yourself a sandwich, if you're old enough to type on the computer, you're old enough to make some food. I was out on my own at 16 years old, without a job, not even out of high school, I know what starving is, it seems like you're making a mockery out of the homeless saying you have no food but what's this?! You have Internet, and bread and cheese, I'm sure you have clothes and showers too.

  • 8 years ago

    Report that situation go to church and ask for help nobody can comite suicide because they're parent sucks you need to eat healthy to function well in school is your mother an alcoholic? Where is the money? Why she doesn't buy fruits and vegetables? You need help go and ask every adult you see for help it's a crazy situation speak up!

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    8 years ago

    Oh my god Im so sorry. Do not commit suicide!!!

    You need to tell a guidance counselor at school and need to go and find a safe home talk to friends maybe get into a foster care because this isn't safe!

  • 8 years ago

    You may love you mom and you may not. But, not feeding a child and threatening them with a knife is considered abuse. You really need to tell a teacher at school or someone you trust because this IS NOT RIGHT. I would hate to see another fellow person starve or even die if they could of gotten help. So please, tell someone.

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