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How to reinvent myself.............?

I've been wanting to reinvent myself, my personality, reacting to things better, being a better person, being happier, being more confident, not getting jealous, studying and increasing my intelligence, becoming healthy and getting into great shape, etc.

I'm 16, and there's isn't anything I need to make a significant change on, which kind of makes it harder.

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    How to reinvent myself.............?

    ~~~ "Reinvent"?!?

    You never 'invented' yourself in the first place, and you never will!

    All ego and vanity!

    I'm 16, and there's isn't anything I need to make a significant change on, which kind of makes it harder.

    ~~~ Ah, 16, knows it all and is 'perfect'!

    Seems par for the course...

    (Boring for the rest of us)

    As/if you mature you'll get past such juvenile vanity.

    It is hardwired into teens for 'survival' reasons.

    There is not anything, yet, to 'reinvent' (even if you could do or be anything other than what and who you are Now!)!

    You have barely just been toilet trained and are still learning personal hygiene!

    Brain is not even fully formed until you are about 30!

    Just pay attention in school, do your work, keep your knees together and respect your parents!

    And enjoy your perfection just as long as you can! *__-

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    Surely improvements can be made :D

    In order to make the change, you have to really want it. You must be fully prepared to give up bad habits and try new things. You cannot do it a few days, then drop it for a couple, then come back to it. No. You must be committed to the change and all of its ups and downs. It's like a new diet; it is your new way of life.

    Keeping a journal that reminds you of what you did or what you must do can be helpful.

    When you look back at it, you can feel good that you had achieved what you desired and it can encourage further improvement.

    All this takes time, mind you, so don't give up! Don't worry if things don't seem to be working the way you hoped it would. A lot of these things you mentioned are habits people tend to give in to. If you have people around you to support you, who won't bring you down, that can make it much easier and more comfortable switching to your new ways. Do not fret if things get rough, or if you fail a test. Remember - Practice makes perfect, and only time will tell.

    Good luck :D Hope I helped! Any sort of strategies or tips can be found on the Internet, no problem!

    Source(s): Myself, my experience and others around me
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    Don't listen to nameless and scottyboy, they're just trying to make you insecure. It's perfectly natural to think about these things when you're a teenager, because teenagers are naturally prone to try and gain an identity and define themselves. If you want to improve then decide to improve. Do the little things first, for example, you say you want to be more intelligent? Well, then go read a classic, pay a little more attention in class, play brain-improving games in your spare time. Just start on little things like that, exercise a little more each day, etc. Good luck!

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    live in your paralel universe

    fake it til u make it

    -a lie told often enough will become the truth (lie to urself long enough and u wil start believing urself - ur beliefs are often ur own truths)

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    Read the Bible daily. God will change you. A slow, yet complete transformation.

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    you will change after you turn 30

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    you should check if you have toxoplasma. That effects you alot.

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